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"Provide unique and innovative solutions for companies looking for concrete results, based on a differential and global vision. Adriano shares his knowledge and experience with clarity and excellence."

Adriano is a Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, member of the Board of Directors on several companies; Administration Counselor and Advisor, Professor and Speaker, up to date with the latest market trends, having a solid vision and experience in the Brazilian and the global markets.


He is the founder and CEO of Esfera Gestão & Investimentos and INVENT – Conhecimento Estratégico, a member of the Board of Directors of Deep Seed Solutions and Portal dos Livreiros, as well as Senior Advisor at Cypress Associates (M&A) in Brazil. And recently he became the founder and CEO of FCA Consultancy Corp. in Canada.

+55 (11) 3726-9126     +1 (604) 889-9507


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