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Interview: Maha Mamo - I was born and raised stateless... today I'm Brazilian

Published in Portal Dynamic Mindset, on February 2018

Born in Lebanon, without being Lebanese, daughter of Syrians without being able to be Syrian. Weird? To understand this contradiction, you must know the story of Maha Mamo, the daughter of a Muslim mother and a Christian father. If she had been born in Brazil, she would not have that obstacle in her life. In Syria, the union of couples of different religions is prohibited. In love, his parents Jean Mamo and Kifah Nachar fled to Lebanon, where they were married. And there, you only have the right to nationality if the child's father is Lebanese.

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Interview: Marco Dalpozzo - A passionate journey

Published in Portal Dynamic Mindset, on January 2018

Born in Bologna, Italy, he holds a degree in economics from Alma Mater University and an MBA in Trade Business from Universitá Bocconi in Milan. Marco Dalpozzo is also a psychosocioanalysis by Ariele, the main Italian school in this field. He worked for Unilever Italia in the formation of Lever Europe, an initiative created to seek synergies between divisions of the company in several countries in Europe to act in a coordinated way. The experience of formulating global perspectives from local experiences, besides the works of Jorge Amado and the beauties of the 9,000 km of our coast, brought him to Brazil, where he lives today, married to his wife Morgana and his children Sofia and Pedro.


Grit: key to success

Published in Portal Dynamic Mindset, on December 2018

This is a text different from everything I write. Normally, my approach is more technical, methodological and rational. However, after more than 20 years living with true winners in Brazil and around the world, I decided to study a little more to understand what could have contributed to this success. People who built important and complex businesses and careers to deal with, often without even having a formal or even complete formal education. I think I found one of the answers by reading the Book: Claw. The Power of Passion and Perseverance, by Angela Lee Duckworth.


The philosophy of 'essentialism'

Published in Portal Dynamic Mindset, on November 2018

I was sitting in a bookstore during a recent vacation week, with a selection of books and, suddenly, almost as a twist of fate, I flipped through the book 'Essentialism'. This reading has brought me a light for this problem and for this reason I want to dedicate this article to explore my main findings about it.


Creative Confidence

Published in Portal Dynamic Mindset, on December 2018

This particular article was heavily influenced by a book that became mandatory in my headline: "Creative Trust - Unleash Your Creativity and Implement Your Ideas," by brothers Tom Kelley & David Kelley. I know and work with IDEO, Innovation Lab created by David Kelley, and I can say that the methodology and the results they bring are fantastic.

The philosophy of 'essentialism'

Published in AgroRevenda Magazine, September 2017

In my wanderings, conversations, classes and consultancies for Brazilian agribusiness besides debates about the future, how to leverage results and how to transform business, one factor has been almost unanimous: the lack of time in the face of so many priorities and urgencies and this subject also impacts a lot on me. I was sitting in a bookstore during a recent vacation week, with a selection of books and, suddenly, almost as a twist of fate, I flipped through the book 'Essentialism'. This reading has brought me a light for this problem and for this reason I want to dedicate this article to explore my main findings about it.

Grit: a key to success

Published in AgroRevenda Magazine, July 2017

After more than 20 years next to real winners in brazilian Agribusiness, retailers and small and large producers I decided to study a little in order to understand what may have contributed to this notorious success responsible for sustaining the Brazilian GDP balance for years.

People who built important and complex business without even having had a robust formal educational background or even complete.

I think I found one of these answers by reading the Book: Grit - The Power of Passion and Perseverance, by Angela Lee Duckworth.

Unblock your criative potential and transform your business.

In this article and in the next I will focus on important elements to achieve audacious goals. I will build a reasoning and present to you a methodology that has proven to be very efficient and has transformed the world we live in.

This methodology is almost ubiquitous in Silicon Valley, in the United States, where great innovations come out that touch us every day and that is increasingly used in all business segments that want to innovate and build a new way of doing business .

I'm referring to Design Thinking.

Published AgroRevenda Magazine, May 2017

Mastering the concept of Creative Confidence

I wrote to anyone who believes it is possible to think differently to seek different results. I am fully convinced that if you follow these initial steps a number of opportunities will open up in your life, career, business.

Published in Pulse, April 2017

Go-To-Market Strategy (GTM): How would this help my agribusiness grow? (Part II)

In this issue we will discuss an activity of enormous importance for an organization to implement an efficient Go-To-Market strategy.

Published in AgroRevenda Magazine, January 2017

Go-To-Market Strategy (GTM): How would this help my agribusiness grow?

This article focuses on a very relevant aspect for the organic growth of these companies:
Channel Management, also known as the Go-To-Market Strategy, can be defined as "a plan to reach and cater the market through the right channels, with the right products and services, and the right value proposition."

Published in AgroRevenda Magazine, October 2016

Connecting Strategy and Finances to create maximum value for your agribusiness

Published in AgroRevenda Magazine, August 2016

At this moment, I want to integrate two aspects considered important to every agribusiness. However, they haunt anyone who idealizes putting into practice with the necessary regularity and intensity.

Why Channels Management is important?

Published on Mundo do Marketing Portal, July 2016

Adriano Amui is a reference in Trade Marketing with experience in several companies and a very successful academic career and was invited by the website "Mundo do Marketing" to talk about the importance of Channels Management.

Turbulent Time can be a boon to business! (Part II)

Published in AgroRevenda Magazine, April 2016

In this article, I'll add a few more challenges to those five that are part of the article published above.

Turbulent Time can be a boon to business!

Published in AgroRevenda Magazine, February 2016

This is the fourth sequential article I've writen for you with the AgroRevenda Magazine. During this time we have been through many things including euphoria, crisis, instability and even a process of impeachment for the president of Brazil.

A Strategic Provocation

Published in AgroRevenda Magazine, December 2015

To help brazilian Agribusiness being more successful, seize the opportunities of the moment and get ready for a challenging 2016/2017, we will make a profound strategic provocation.

Connecting Strategy and Finances to create maximum value for your agribusiness

Published in Dom Magazine, October 2015

We have all already heard about the benefits of maintaining a well-developed and differentiated strategy for our company and mostly have experienced the power provided by a solid understanding and management of an organization's financial drivers.

Lots of Intuition and Little Technique

Published on AgroRevenda Portal, December 2015

Although People Management has been a recurring theme since the 80s, there are still many companies that prioritize the home-made solution for capacity instead appropriate profile and results.

How to create a robust and winning Strategic Plan using market analysis?

Published in AgroRevenda Magazine, August 2015

The objective of this analysis is to understand what are the main factors considered by the customer to realize their purchase, cross these factors with the expected service level by the costumer and especially the performance of the competitors, under the same perspective.

Impulse Sales X Loyalty

Published in AgroRevenda Magazine, May 2015

The Agribusiness market has several business opportunities and proportional challenges. Some doubts arise for the Partners and Directors who built these companies with great effort and dedication. How to advance? What opportunities should be taken? What risks should be mitigated? And obviously, What financial return should we expect?

Upgrade to Grow

Published in VOE TRIP Magazine, December 2012

Past Experiences should be used by companies as a foundation for building a future based on reinvention.

Better than Yesterday, Worse than Tomorrow

Published in ESPM Magazine, July 2012

Past experiences can and should be analyzed and exploited by companies but to not become a trap must be used as a foundation to build a future based on reinvention and innovation.

What if... C class learns to manage risk?

Published in ESPM Magazine, September 2011

Class C can end up as a victim of anxiety and uncontrol, often consuming too much or becoming vulnerable to unexpected events. The supply of so-called microinsurance becomes a new vector of economic activity in Brazil when we deal with problems such as managing something imponderable.

Alignment: the way to ensure the employability of Y generation

Published on INVENT website, July 2011

Despite the good moment of Brazil and the macroeconomic scenario that contributes to increase employment opportunities, the country faces the challenge of a lack of qualified professionals. At the same time, the low commitment of the new professionals so-called Y generation in corporate structures is being discussed and ways are being sought to transform the generations conflicts into an opportunity for improvement, from the academic preparation of professionals to the recruitment and retention phase in companies.

Shopping: The Paulistano's Beach or Consumption Beach?

Published in ESPM Magazine, February 2011

The increase in the number of malls in Brazil reflects the development of the middle class purchasing power. But with an increase in the number of points of consumption there is also a consequent "commoditization" of the buying experience that implies the customer to have a good level of services and business provided, forcing the managers to develop new interaction and promotion strategies to guarantee the consumer engagement.

Get out the glam, come the reality

Published in Grande ABC Gazette, October 2010

A glance at the hottest careers on the market reveals a surprise: good old engineering is back on the scene overtaking other glamorous areas.

The Five Essential Steps to conquer consumers of the Bottom of the Pyramid

Published in ESPM Magazine, May 2010

From marginal to strategic opportunity, consumers at the bottom of the pyramid call the market's attention. This article shows the paths used by brands that have entered this unfamiliar terrain.

Online Brand Positioning: the new name of the e-commerce game

Published in ESPM Magazine, October 2009

The Online Retail in Brazil has matured with the arrival of great players of the offline world. Join to that a consolidated and growing base of 13 million consumers and potential sales estimated at $ 10 billion per year and there is a great opportunity. But are brands prepared to captivate these digital consumers?

We are all Naked

Published ESPM Magazine, Ausgust 2009

I want to talk about advertising aimed at children. Using nostalgia is certainly a dangerous strategy. Memory betrays us by making it seem that the past was better, more idyllic, everything in its proper place, combined.

Even in crisis there is a lack of people to work

Published on Luciano Pires Website, February 2009

I wrote one of those texts that annoys many and at the same time provides an identification to others, but the most important thing is not on which side you stand but understand the root cause and seek the opportunity that presents.

How to be Nerd without shame

Published on Luciano Pires Webiste, February 2009

Here is how the iPod became a fashion product and the wave that led competitors to follow this successful path.

Trainning at 21th Century

Published in HSM, October 2008

A utilização de jogos e ambientes simulados abre novos caminhos na capacitação de executivos de vendas e trade marketing.

The Importance of Trade Marketing for Sales Growth

Published in Distribuição Magazine, October 2008

And the brazilian lack of qualified vendors for the Wholesale and Retail.

Innovation in Emerging Markets

Published on Luciano Pires Website, August 2008

Designing products, brands and companies on a global scale with the local "tasting" for the true emerging consumer.

Deploy the Trade Function

Published on INVENT Website, August 2008

How Trade Marketing can support business towards perfect business execution.

Are you ready to grow?

Published on INVENT Website, July 2008

Why professional qualification is no longer a differential to be a prerequisite in the globalized market.

Silent Revolution in Retail

Published on INVENT Webiste, June 2008

In ten years the way of selling and buying will change significantly.

Legitimate Social Responsibility in private enterprise

Published in ESPM Magazine, April 2008

Being socially responsible has become a sine qua non for a company being considered serious and suitable ... but what about the shareholder's vision?

Impulse Sales vs. Loyalty

Publicado na Revista Alshop, em fevereiro de 2008

Aprenda a sobreviver em um mercado cada vez mais competitivo conquistando e mantendo seu espaço mercadológico.

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