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Adriano Amui Board Member and Mentor

Based on his extensive experience as an entrepreneur, executive and business consultant, and his solid academic knowledge and global vision, Adriano Amui is firmly focused on results. His multidisciplinary experience allows him to see the problem at a high level, and manage the relationship with several stakeholders in a positive way.

Adriano delivers his message with a high level of excellence, proactively keeping his knowledge in continuous evolution. He is well reputed for presenting differentiation factors and innovative solutions, within a practical perspective always orientated to bring results; this is the reason why his business portfolio grows vertically (within the Client’s organization) and horizontally (within other organizations and industries).

He is very selective as an Organization Counselor, as well as an Executive and Entrepreneur Mentor.


Adriano does not work with templates for any consulting project, lecture or workshop, no ready-made or pre-formatted presentations. Each case represents a new job, as it should be absolutely focused and aligned with the reality of the client. For this very reason he has achieved enormous success in so many industries such as  agribusiness, food industry, banks, beverages, pharmaceuticals, oil and lubricants, mining, pet food, insurance and retail.

+55 (11) 3726-9126     +1 (604) 889-9507


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