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Adriano Amui Companies

Adriano Amui is the founder and CEO of two companies: Esfera Business Management & Investiments, and INVENT – Strategic Knowledge; he is a Board Member of Deep Seed Solutions, and Portal dos Livreiros. All these companies are based in Brazil. In Canada he is the CEO of FCA Consultancy Corp.


May 2004, São Paulo, Brazil. Adriano Amui launched Esfera Gestão de Negócios e Investimentos (in English Esfera Business Management & Investiments) is a Business Consulting firm whose service is to assist corporate Clients targeting global markets.


During its first years, Esfera's service portfolio comprehended consulting services on the field of Sales, Trade Marketing and Marketing. As Esfera started to experience exponential growth, many of its Clients requested Adriano if it was possible for Esfera to provide them additional consulting services in areas such as Strategic Planning, New Ventures and Start-ups, Design Thinking, Human Development, Innovation, and Supply Chain.


July 2007. São Paulo, Adriano Amui founded IINVENT - Conhecimento Estratégico (in English INVENT - Strategic Knowledge) started its activities as company specialized in education and training programs tailored for entrepreneurs and C-suite executives.


INVENT operates a variety of business training programs, such as workshops, courses and training sessions, which can be presented either exclusively for the team of a specific Client, or open to general public. INVENT team also organizes Executive development groups in Brazil and abroad.


The FCA Strategy is a subsidiary of ESFERA Business Management & Investments, based in Canada, aimed to offer Specialized Consultant Services on major business areas.


Additionally, FCA has an exclusive contract with INVENT – Strategic Knowledge, which means that INVENT will provide support to FCA in the areas of Executive Education, Training, Development and Business Coaching to C-suite Executives in Canada.

Deep Seed Solutions is an innovative organization aimed to automate business and operational processes to save resources, save time and maximize profits for its Clients. Its business services have been designed to be applied on sectors that operate with high technology, and its primary focus is the Oil & Gas sector. Deep Seed Solutions serves oil exploration and production corporations on a global scale, as well as engineering, construction and installation companies.

In the aftermath of the strike of used bookstores in mid-2014, a well-known business player in this market triggered a "crack" in the bookseller base by raising its commissions by almost 100%. The consequence of such a change in the book marketplace was a strong demand for a new web portal.


Moved by the combination of research and boldness, Esfera Genética Gir (in English Esfera Gir Genetic) operates in the Brazilian livestock market, and is considered as a serious player in the dairy industry. Its services offer genetic improvement for herd expansion through the production of embryos from animals specially selected of absolutely proven and recognized lineage.

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