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The Profile of the Brazilian Trade Marketing 2018/2019

This research is the most traditional, complete and independent research in the market. Analyze it and take the actions to reestablish the Trade Marketing in the strategic conjuncture of the organizations.


Click here to download the report.

The Brazilian Young Professional Profile

The research "The Young Professional Profile" was carried out by INVENT between November 2015 and January 2016.

We aim to understand what are the desires, goals and fears of young professionals from Brazil.

Next, you will have access to the results and could see more clearly the professionals who should dominate the market in the coming years.

Click here to download the results.

The Trade Marketing Structures in Brazil

The research "The Trade Marketing structures in Brazil", carried out by INVENT, reveals that organizations marketing professionals in the country and maps how Trade Marketing structures are organized in Brazilian companies.

This study was developed, applied and analyzed by INVENT and aims to identify the functions of the Trade Marketing Department in companies, their stage of development, the profile of the new professional of the area and your expectations.

This summary provides an overview of results and insights of the survey performed besides some Marketing Data not disclosed in the book "Trade Marketing - Viewpoints Expanded".

Click here to download the Executive Summary of Research.

The Cost of a Son

Research coordinated by Adriano Amui shows that the cost of a child, from the cradle to college, can exceed R$ 1 million. Amui prepared financial planning for four different groups.

  • Group "1" those that according to Adriano's estimate would earn less than    R$ 1.000 per month.

  • Group "2" would have monthly income of R$ 2.000 up to R$ 5.000.

  • Group "3" would have a budget from R$ 6.000

  • Group "4", quite rich, would have more than R$ 25.000 per month.

Click here to download the full version.

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